Using your Cloud DVR

support TCC Nov 25, 2021

Schedule a recording
1. Press the Guide button on your remote control.
2. Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to find the program you would like to record.
3. Click the OK button twice to see more options.
4. Click OK on the RECORD option on the screen to display the recordings menu.
5. To setup the recording, from the menu press Record Episode or Record Series, you can choose to record all episodes including re-runs, or only new episodes. You can also choose to record only on the channel currently selected, or on all channels.
6. To change your recording settings, press Manage Recording, from the program details screen.
7. To cancel a scheduled recording click Manage Recordings and select Cancel Episode / Cancel Series.

Record a program currently airing
1. Go to the wanted channel by keying in the channel number or through the program guide.
2. Once the live channel is displayed press on R button on your remote to start recording.
Note: The recording will start from the moment you pressed the record button not from the moment the program started.

Watch a recorded program
1. Press the red line shortcut key,  at the top of your remote. This will bring you to your DVR recordings.
2. Navigate to recorded or scheduled programs to manage your recording.
3. Select the title you’d like to watch. If multiple episodes of the same show are recorded they will appear here.


TCCTV User Guide 2021 – DVR