Troubleshooting your TV

support TCC Nov 25, 2021

Trouble: No Signal
#1 Make sure that the light on your STB [KAON or AMINO] is on – this will be indicated by a BLUE LIGHT
#2 Open the list of Inputs on your television to make sure the TV is on the correct input – if you are unsure of which input your box is connected to try each individual input. INPUT Buttons generally labeled “source” If you have a SMART TV there may be a source or input option on your home screen or the individual inputs may be listed on your home screen.The Common inputs are HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3
#3 If the issue is not resolved, please check the cables on the back of the STB. Unplug and plug back in both the HDMI and the power. [labeled on page 1 of this guide]

Also if possible try unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI cable on the TV as well.

Trouble: Network Error
#1 Try RESTARTING your STB [KAON/AMINO] or Firestick by powering down and back or unplugging the power source.
#2 Try rebooting your router & test to see if you have an internet connection on other devices like your smartphone or laptop.
#3 If you have an internet connection and the device is still having issues try going to the network settings and reconnecting the devices to the network unless it is hardwired.

Trouble: Media Error
#1 Check to see if there is issues with a different channel or if it one specific channel. Select the TRY AGAIN button on your screen to see if the error corrects itself

If the message remains you can also try pressing the back button to remove the message. If only one channel is affected please call and notify the office so the issue on this channel can be fixed

Troubleshooting Basics Printable