Email Security

support TCC Dec 14, 2021

Email Scam

We understand that a new scam email was sent out, posing as TCC, asking users to “validate their accounts”.

We will never send out system generated emails asking you to change your passwords, provide personal information or validate you account with us at any time.

Some tips to protect your identity and email are listed below:

Email accounts are used for sending anything from personal emails to friends to sending letters to your bank or someone important. There are many hackers who are constantly trying to break into email accounts and get their hands on your personal information. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect your TCC [or any!] email account.

  1. REMEMBER: we will never ask you for personal information, including credit card information, passwords or account numbers, via email. Any email requesting this is fraudulent.
  2. When choosing your password always make it complex. Use capitals, lowercase, numbers and symbols to increase the strength of your password.
  3. Always check the sender field. Ensure you know the person or company sending the email before opening or forwarding to other colleagues or friends.
  4. Never open attachments unless you are expecting them. Often times viruses are housed within these attachments are get into your computer as soon as they are downloaded.
  5. Download a virus scanner that scans your emails are they are received. Many scanners will then flag suspicious emails to help you detect them.