Improving Your Home WIFI

support TCC Mar 24, 2022

Factors that affect your WIFI network 

  1. Device Age & Quality
    Newer devices offer faster Wi-Fi speeds than older devices. If you’re getting slower speeds and have an older device, the device might be the problem. For example, a laptop even just 3 years old could experience up to 4x slower max speed range.

    • Power your device off completely and power it back on after 30 seconds.
    • Clear your browser history and cache [if applicable].
    • Remove any unused apps. Apps can run in the background, slowing down your device.
  2. Signal Interference
    All Wi-Fi signals compete with each other. There are certain sources of interference that may be contributing to slow Wi-Fi speed to your device.

    • High Density Living Area: Impacts are worse in apartments and condos with several neighbours in all directions.
    • Peak Activity Hours: Impacts are worse in apartments and condos with several neighbours in all directions.
    • Older Devices: Older devices have a harder time dealing with Wi-Fi interference.
    • Other electronics: Other electronics in your home can also interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.
  3. Number of Devices
    The more devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, the bigger the demand on the network and the greater effect this has on speeds to your devices. Higher-speed Internet packages deliver better Wi-Fi to many devices. You may have more WiFi devices than you think!

    • Devices may still use your Wi-Fi even when you’re not using them.
    • Disconnect from Wi-Fi or turn devices off when you’re not using them.
    • Certain activities use a lot of bandwidth, such as streaming videos in 4K, try reducing your viewing quality to HD
    • You may have more devices connected to your Wi-Fi network than your Internet package case effectively support.
  4. Location of Modem
    Wi-Fi signal strength is strongest close to the modem. As Wi-Fi radio waves travel from the modem, they are affected by: distance from the modem, obstructions such as walls, furniture, etc., signal interference from other electronics (small appliances, microwaves, etc.)

    • High Test the reach of your Wi-Fi signal by running multiple speed tests as you move away from your modem. Use the device that is experiencing slow speeds.Run a speed test standing next to the modem and note the results.
    • Move to the location where your device is experiencing slow speeds and run another speed test. Compare the speed test results.

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