Adding Logins & DVR Hours

support TCC Nov 29, 2021

Adding TCCTV logins:

Similar to other streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ you can only have a set number of devices logged in and viewing content at one time. You can add more logins to your TCCTV account at anytime for $3/login/month. Most bundles come with 2 logins to get your started. If you have exceeded your max # of logins you will get an error message explaining this on your TV.

Adding TCCTV DVR Hours:

Some customers are excellent at viewing their recorded content and immediately deleting it but other require more space to save entire seasons on shows or record multiple and do not want to run out of space before they have a chance to view. All TCCTV packages come with 5hours of Network DVR space. You can add additional DVR hours to you account 100hours for $7/month or 200hours for $10/month.