Tanner Steffler Foundation

community TCC Jan 26, 2022

TCC Raises $2000 for Tanner Steffler Foundation on #bellletstalkday 2022

In conjunction with Bell Lets Talk Day, we would like to challenge our local communities to help us raise awareness & funds for Mental Health education & advocacy right here at home, too.  Tanner Steffler Foundation educates parents, caregivers, community members and politicians through advocacy, events and presentations within the municipalities of Huron County.

When Mental Health Awareness & Education is at the forefront, lets start by helping those striving to make a difference in our own backyards as well as those all across the country.

” The current COVID-19 situation can have an impact on your mental health. Practicing physical distancing makes it even more important that we make an extra effort to remain emotionally connected. Finding ways to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones will support good mental health and well-being.”

This year on January 26th, during #bellletstalkday TCC will donate 50¢ to the Tanner Steffler Foundation to a maximum of $2000 for every share on our social media campaign.

To help raise awareness for Mental Health all across the country remember:  TCC uses the Bell network to distribute our Mobile service. Turn your iMessage off today to make your text messages count toward Bell’s campaign.