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For more than a century, Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative has been meeting the communications needs of residents in the communities of Huron East. In our earliest days, our focus was on providing reliable phone services to area customers. As technology has advanced, our services have changed to enhance the quality of life of our customers. We now also offer Internet services and digital TV services, security services and mobile phone services to local residents throughout our expanding region. While technology has changed over the years, our dedication to providing friendly, reliable service with fair rates has not waivered.  

As a resident in the Huron East region, you may love the wide-open spaces that this beautiful area of Ontario provides. Brussels to Kippen, Egmondville and Harpurhey, there are numerous small communities that form together to create this region. While the area may be known for its expanses of farmland dotted with charming small towns, the residents must find a way to communicate using the latest high-tech methods, and this is where our services come into play.   

Communications Solutions in Huron East

Tuckersmith Communications offers all of the communications services that you need throughout the Huron East area. From residential and business phone services with competitive rates to high-speed Internet services and digital TV services, we do it all. We even offer cellular phone services for mobile communication needs and security services to help you keep your property safe. 

We want to help you improve your communications at home, at work or anywhere you may travel to. With our exceptional packages and plans, we make it easy for you to get the communications services you need. Drop in to our Brussels or Seaforth offices today to learn more about our excellent telecommunications service plans and affordable rates. We can set up an appointment for installation soon for a time that is convenient for you. 

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